Selank Nasal Spray


Selank Nasal Spray

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It’s a nootropic and anxiolytic peptide  used in treating anxiety and improving learning. It’s a heptapeptide and a synthetic analogue of tuftsin.

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Selank Peptide Nasal Spray Denmark

The spectrum of the Selank Nasal Spray  pharmacological action is unique.

It’s an anti-anxiety supplement that has antidepressant plus anti-asthenic action that enhances cognitive and memory functions.

Therefore, Selank Nasal Spray  can potentially replace 3 different drug groups: stimulants, antidepressants and tranquillizers.

Selank Nasal Spray reduces anxiety symptoms without causing any side effects seen with tranquillizers, like withdrawals, myorelaxation, amnesia and sedation.

The anxiolytic benefits of this supplement are also similar to that of Stresam, Phenazepam or Alprozolam.

A study classified selank as an Adaptogen. The additional properties of this peptide can be helpful to elderly people when it comes to preventing infectious diseases.

May Improve Ulcers

Selank Nasal Spray  reduces the area of stomach ulcers.

It does this by increasing lymph flow, which is a vital component of your immune system, to your stomach.

Reduces Inflammation in Your Spleen
Selank Nasal Spray  increases inflammatory response gene levels.

This can protect you from the harmful effects that arise as a result of inflammation.

Immune Promoting
Because of its structure, this peptide is based on Tuftsin, an endogenous tetrapeptide that plays a vital role in your immune system.

Help in Preventing Weight Gain and Reducing Cholesterol

When you use Selank Nasal Spray , your chances of gaining weight reduces significantly.

Also, your total cholesterol will decrease by more than 58 per cent, while the level of blood sugar can reduce by approximately 23 per cent.

May Lessen Alcohol Withdrawal Severity
Selank Nasal Spray , can reduce the anxiety of alcoholic patients after alcohol withdrawal.

Decreases Blood Pressure while Increasing Blood Flow to Your Brain
Using this product may reduce blood pressure by around 30 per cent for three minutes. Also, it increases blood flow to your brain.

Improve Symptoms of Depression

Using this product may improve symptoms of depression, which can affect your sense of well-being, feelings, tendencies behaviour and thoughts.

Assist Learning
Using Selank Nasal Spray  improves your capability of learning. If you can’t learn quickly due to some condition, this product can be helpful.

By decreasing the symptom of anxiety, Selank Nasal Spray  improves your ability to learn.

Dosage of Selank Nasal Spray
You should take Selank Nasal Spray  from ten days to as long you need it.

The recommended dosage is 400 mcg to 9 mg per day. Split the dosage into three doses throughout


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    Oh my goodness! This is a great stuff, no funky taste whatsoever and dissolves well. I would love to order more.

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