Copper Peptides Can Boost Hair Growth Denmark GHK-C

Copper Peptides contain the element copper plus three amino acids linked together, making it a peptide.

What Copper Peptides Do for Hair Loss Denmark?

A particular copper peptide called GHK-Cu has been proven to stimulate hair growth in several ways:

• An extensive range of tests has revealed that the molecule plays a significant role when it comes to hair growth in human cancer patients, animals and healthy humans.

• Some tests have revealed copper peptides to be efficient just like minoxidil in treating androgenic alopecia.

• Copper peptides have shown to improve hair transplant results.

• Topical application of these peptides to the human scalp has been proven to stimulate growth and strengthen existing hair.

It’s believed that in human bodies the role of copper includes fighting inflammation and as humans age, the skin starts to wrinkle, hair thins and they become weaker because of copper depletion over the years.

When people were using the GHK-Cu molecule in treating wounds, the hair follicles that’s around their treated wounds became very large. It looked like the copper peptide was playing a role in inhibiting follicle death and increasing their size. As a result, the role the role of GHK-Cu molecule in hair growth started to be studied.

How Does GHK-Cu Denmark Work?

GHK does not just work on hair growth to give results in one way. GHK has several tools in its box, and it can employ the tools at the same time:

1) GHK has angiogenic properties, meaning that it has the ability to improve circulation at the capillary level. This is essential for hair growth because each follicle receives its oxygen and blood from a solitary capillary. Generally, as you grow old, peripheral circulation in your capillaries can deteriorate and result in hair loss on your scalp. GHK-Cu has been proven to improve circulation at that micro-level, allowing follicles to continue growing hair normally.

2) As we have seen, this molecule has anti-inflammatory properties. Since an autoimmune reaction is what usually triggers hair loss leading to inflammation, the damage can be repaired fast with GHK-Cu presence.

3) Most importantly, when it comes to the fight against alopecia (hair loss), GHK-Cu has been shown to be a 5-alpha-reductase (3-oxo-5α-steroid 4-dehydrogenase) inhibitor. This simply means it prevents the testosterone in your body from being converted into DHT (dihydrotestosterone), which damages hair follicles severely.

Dihydrotestosterone is the world’s leading cause of hair loss in men, and it’s not a coincidence the fact that hair loss will increase as the number of copper peptides in your body reduces.

4) As if that was not enough, GHK-Cu stimulates the production of another IP (inhibitor protein); this IP prevents follicles from gradually becoming smaller.


The most convincing evidence in favour of the positive role of copper peptides in hair growth was presented by Dr Loren Pickart when he was in an interview he did with Cosmetics and Medicine of Russia. Pickart discussed testing on rodents that he had done earlier; he provided photos showing clear and exaggerated hair growth in the areas where he had injected the molecule.

He went on and discussed how further testing revealed that the molecules made the engine follicles become larger in rodents, which caused extended hair growth.

Dr Pickart then discussed tests by Bernard Kalis on the effects on follicles in humans and the discovery that the follicles could be converted from the inactive telogen state to the active hair follicles growth phase (anagen).

The Best Way of Taking Copper Peptides:

The experts in hair regeneration Denmark plus cosmetic dermatology called D.S. Laboratories produces Spectral RS, a topical treatment containing several ingredients, but it’s based on copper peptides. This treatment triggers the anagen in hair follicles and causes your hair to grow in areas it had previously stopped.

Copper peptide serum is a popular skin treatment, but it’s becoming more linked to hair growth. Common copper peptide serums that are designed for hair treatment also contain ingredients like capsicum, known to enable blood flow to your follicles, plus adenosine, which is known for extending the hair growth phase. Side effects are very rare, but there can be allergic reactions. See here for buying copper peptides

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