Melanotan 1 And 2 – What’s the difference?

Who doesn’t love the look of a glowing tan? Of course, everyone loves golden and natural-looking skin. This blog is about whats the difference between Melanotan 1 And 2

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Sun Beds For Tanning

Before it was hard to achieve. But with the availability of tanning beds, everything becomes easier than everyone imagines.

Many people go right to a tanning bed these days. While sitting in the sun takes too long, it is harmful in large doses. However, UV light from a tanning bed is no exception. It’s even worse, which can lead to skin problems and other health complications.

When tanning, skin cancer is a common risk. It can even lead to melanoma – a dangerous type of skin cancer. Every year, melanoma accounts for several death cases because of skin cancer.

A tanning bed produces UV rays that damage the DNA in healthy skin cells. While it causes the skin to develop malignant growths, it weakens the immune system that affects the body’s natural defences against cancer cells.

Premature ageing is another skin problem in using the tanning bed. The UV rays can make your skin leathery, loose, and wrinkled. It can even cause dark spots, which are hard to remove.

Tanning beds and lotions have been on the rise for decades now. While tanning beds produce harmful UV rays, creams sometimes lead to allergic skin reactions. What’s the best alternative to incorporate into your regimen?

Melanotan: A Great Alternative to Use

Well, Melanotan is an excellent tanning solution you should add to cart. Melanotan comes in MT-1 and MT-2.

  • MT-2, on the other hand, boosts your energy and libido. If you’re suffering from sexual dysfunction, MT-2 has got you covered. MT-2 also provides the same tanning effect with extra bonuses. It boosts energy, increases energy, and improves libido.
  • MT-1 is safer than MT-2. When looking for tanned skin and don’t want to deal with adverse side effects.

So, what’s your choice? Well, it depends on your reasons, budget, and other factors.

Achieve that golden and natural-looking tan with MT-1 or MT-2 before the summer heats!



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