Selank nasal spray Denmark

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The Selank nasal spray is a synthetic peptide that’s produced by the human body by the tetrapeptide Tussin.

For instance, the peptide has a wide range of uses and was first synthesised in the ’90s by a Russian academy. Also, further studies by the Molecular Genetics a Russian academy also found out that Selank is a close compound to Semax. Semax is the predecessor to Selank. Also both synthesised by the Institute of Molecular Genetics of the Russian Academy of Science.[1]

Dosages and Storage of Selank nasal spray :

Research has suggested taking around 6 sprays a day until the bottle is complete. Furthermore, for a longer life span of 24 months, Selank should be at a temperature of about 2 – 8 degrees Celsius. However, when stored at room temperature Selank has a life span of over 90 days

Advantages of Selank:

  • Firstly increases the learning process by increasing the memory of individuals.
  • Selank nasal sprays known to increase both the attention and curiosity of individuals.
  • Selank nasal sprays can increase the mental clarity of users.
  • Used in damaged brains as a result of accidents to improve their memory.
  • Selank nasal sprays known to improve anxiety.
  • From a recent study, the peptide said to reduce the anxiety of most patients.
  • Selank nasal spray known to improve the immunity of most individuals.
  • A scientific study suggests that the peptide releases interferons. Which said to be antiviral molecules Selank increases the antioxidant activity in most livers.

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